Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tour of West Point?

Unintentional, but yes, I took a lovely drive through West Point today.  I was heading to the commissary and PX but made a wrong turn (and anyone who knows me is NOT surprised) and I ended up driving around a bit before making it back to where I needed to be.  I was amazed, as always, how beautiful the base (campus?) is.  The houses are nestled into the mountain and the castle like buildings remind me of Hogwarts in different places.  It's so picturesque...until you are driving through the academic area, accidentally, during a change of classes and are surrounded by cadets all rushing to get to lunch!

I did some great shopping and got Sarge new shower shoes as requested.  I also picked up the scratch boxes that Hazel looooves and I can only find on post.  I got a few deals on groceries and picked up some stuff for lunches.  I hear that I'll be eating on the run this year so I am planning to keep some healthy, quick and easy snacks in my office and fridge.  Fruit in juices, whole grain crackers, 100 calorie packs and jello cups...that kind of stuff.

Now it's time to finish the cleaning and laundry before the Wilsons arrive for the weekend.  I love my nephew but I also know if I don't vacuum and clean well he will find, and either eat or pick up and bring to me, every little thing out of place.  He really is a cutie-pie and I'm glad for the motivation!

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