Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding photos!!!

 My darling cousin sent the wedding photos last night...yay!!  They are absolutely gorgeous with the exception of those where I am a train wreck of a subject.  I have my eyes closed in quite a's kinda funny.  I am adding some at the bottom for you to check out, they made my night yesterday.  I had a whole separate post planned for this morning that I will just have to postpone.

I got to text with Sarge for a few minutes around midnight on Saturday.  He is still traveling to his final post but sounds like he's doing well.  He said they're getting plenty of sleep and I'm glad they'll be rested before they get where they're going.  I'm anxious for him to get to his final post so that wifi access is more regular and we can Skype again.  I miss getting to see him while we talk.

Here are the I just have to choose one so I can finish our Thank-you notes!

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