Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wine Love

So yesterday was wine-tasting with the girls and it was a great day!!  We spent the day in Orange County, NY and visited 3 different wineries.  There were high points (Warwick Valley Apple Brandy and Brotherhood Riesling) but the whole day was just perfect.  I don't know a whole lot about wine or wine tasting but I had the chance to taste some new and different things and discover what I do and do NOT like.  

Heather was awesome and picked up sandwiches for us to eat after our first tasting and the next two just seemed to make sense since we were already up there.
The Tasting Room at Demarest Hill

Gorgeous view from Demarest Hill Winery

Lunch at Warwick Valley

I got a little carried away with the shopping...

This day was a bridal shower gift.  My sisters and mom planned the perfect shower for me before our wedding.  Because Sarge and I didn't need any more "stuff" they asked that all of the guests plan an activity for us to do while Anthony was away.  This is the 3rd activity so far and I am LOVING this plan.  I always have things to look forward to and friends to share my experiences with.  Thanks!!

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