Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2 down

and 2 to go!  My first two performing groups sang last night and were fantastic!!  I wrote recently that teaching music is often about more than the music.  Last night it was totally about the singing and the music!  2 more tonight and then I'll be done with performances for school until this spring.

On another happy note, I sang my last performance for the season Sunday night.  Yay!!!  It really did go very well and my mom came with me which is always fun.  She hadn't seen this season's program and I love having her in the audience. 

I'm already in rehearsals for this spring's concerts with one group and I'm sure SWE won't be far behind.  We were already talking about our two upcoming performances at Sunday's concert.  We're doing one "regular" concert and an opera night fundraiser.  I'm kind of excited about those and now it's time to start thinking about an aria or two...

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