Monday, January 16, 2012

The Bread Machine

When I moved in with Sarge about a year and a half ago we had to put stuff in the previously unused attic.  Currently we have two of many things and too many things altogether.  However, we found a bread machine in the attic most likely from the previous owner.  It was in it's original box with the directions, etc. so I decided to use my day off to play with it!

Today's experiment, and hopefully the first of a few successes, is a wheat bread.  I chose a combination of wheat and white flours because I didn't want it to be too dense.  I had to play with the water/dry ingredients to get the consistency right for the dough in the "first mix" but I think I got it.  As I type it's rising and smells pretty good.

Here's the end result...very yummy!  The pictures I tried to take all came out poorly but it tasted very good.  Not too dense and enough wheat to make it a little healthier.  I don't know that I'll use it again while I'm by myself but I think when there are two of us again I'll start using the bread machine more often.  Too easy!


  1. How much time/effort does a bread machine save? I used to make our bread but I haven't had the time in a while. Although the whole process can be very gratifying, it's about a three hour process (lots of inactive while you let the dough rise,etc).

  2. Hi Chris, it took about 4 hours from start to finish but after measuring the ingredients it was all hands off. The white bread settings are a little shorter; I think this one has an extra rise because of the heavier wheat dough. It came out pretty well, I think bread pudding is going to be tomorrow's experiment with the leftovers I didn't eat this week. 1 loaf is a lot for one person!