Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love my coffee a little more today

I am tired this morning, I was at school last night until 9 and will be out again tonight for our final winter concert so I'm going to keep this simple today.  The concerts are fun but exhausting.  I was only page turning and helping with lights and I was still beat by the time I got home.  So, today's blog is short, sweet and about one of my favorite things, which I needed desperately today, COFFEE!!!

Every now and then I read a blog that makes me smile and I learn a little bit.  As I sit with my morning cup of coffee (okay, my 2nd cup) I appreciate it a little more.  On NPR's blog The Salt I just read that in 17th Century Istanbul you could be decapitated for drinking coffee!!!  Check out the article here.  I had no idea that coffee was as controversial as alcohol at different times and places or that drinking was punishable by death.  Seems a little extreme, doesn't it?

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