Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Glitzy Toddlers

Oh Toddlers and Tiaras....last week's episode focused a little more on weight more than I'm comfortable with.  Mostly because the focus didn't seem to be on being healthy, but on what the pageant director called "Barbie-perfect."  We have all read the articles on how unhealthy Barbie would be if she was a real person so to tell little girls that this is what wins seems unnecessary  I know that facial beauty is the focus of most of these competitions.  I know childhood obesity is a big problem.  But do you think that a 8 year old should be counting calories?  I was broken hearted when one kid was shoveling a piece of pie into her mouth so her mom wouldn't catch her. 

Now, totally off that topic....one mom bought a red limo for her daughter that is used for pageants only!!!  How crazy is that?  A big, RED, limo for a 5 year old.  And then this poor little girl was late for both of her categories, almost missing one completely!!!  And then mom was upset when she didn't win anything.  I don't have kids and I don't participate, but even I am aware that points are deducted for lateness in all of these?

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