Friday, January 13, 2012

Ammo, ammo everywhere

Last night was unpacking a bag of groceries I'd picked up the previous day and as I got to the bottom of the bag I thought it was heavy for being empty.  I figured that I'd missed the eyeshadow palette I'd picked up, though I thought it was already on my dresser.  It was a bullet!  And I can't figure out how the heck it ended up there. 

This is something I almost expect when Sarge is home; there are bullets everywhere.  Snap caps most often (which are for practice and not explosive) but others are always floating around, too.  They fall out of packs and bags after a day at the range and I never know where they'll turn up.  We actually spent some time before deployment sorting the loose bullets and then giving some away. (Yay!)  Last fall I was doing the "purse changeover" and had a bunch fall out of my purse.  How do they end up in these odd places?  I'm sure I'm not putting them in my grocery bags or purses!  What work-related odds and ends do other people end up with in their homes?

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