Thursday, January 5, 2012


I read a post about cop-speak yesterday (here) and began thinking about how much of it gets into your everyday life when you are married to a police officer.  I remembered when Sarge and I first started dating and when talking on the phone he'd say "Stand by One."  It took a couple weeks before I realized that he meant "hold on a minute."  I'd be talking to no-one and totally confused!

In the last two years I've learned about EDPs ( Emotionally Disturbed Person), that a magazine is not reading material, a red-light taxi takes someone back to the station, and "take the ride" refers to someone being tasered, not a roller coaster.  I also had to learn that it's a tour, not work.  Have a good day at work is not equal to having a safe tour.  There is a certain amount of lingo that goes along with being married to a cop and I'm still picking it up.  (The Army has a whole different set of acronyms and words, another post for another day)  Anyone else have things I need to add to my vocabulary or have funny stories like talking to no one after hearing "Stand By One?"

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